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Automotive Apps We Like

The BackSeat
This app gets more than a like from us. We LOVE it. The BackSeat has one mission: “Not One More”. It is unthinkable that someone could forget their children in a hot car or make a bad judgment call and knowingly leave them in the car for too long. Tragically, it happens. In fact, according to, more than 38 kids die in hot cars every year. This app requires only a one-time setup and acts as an automatic alerting system. Once set up, the app will automatically alert the user, after each ride, to make sure that all passengers are safe. The notification increases in volume, and if ignored, automatically summons help from three pre-determined people selected during the registration. The app will not only notify the “Alert Team” but will send the GPS location of where the vehicle is parked/stopped along with a description of the vehicle. Available for Android and iOS.

Make your daily commute tolerable with this app. Think of it as Spotify or Pandora for podcasts. Its library hosts over 50 million episodes of podcasts. Content is available in 70 languages from 175 different countries. The app also makes recommendations based on your listening history so you can discover new and interesting topics and podcasters. If you’re bored with your music playlists and radio isn’t your thing, then this is the app for you. Available for Android and iOS.

Google Maps (to find your car!!)
Yes, the navigation app from Google can remember where you parked your car. You will likely need to make a few tweaks to your Google Maps settings to enable this feature.

  1. Set your phone’s location services to “Always”.
  2. Turn on “Know where you parked”.
  3. Allow Google Maps to access your Motion and Fitness Activity.

Google Maps takes it from there. The app records your parking spot by detecting when you’ve stepped out of your vehicle and saves the parking location. More feature-rich apps are available but since this app is probably on your phone already, why not make the most of it? Also, you won’t have to download yet another app to take up precious real estate on your home screen.
This powerhouse can do the job of many apps, AGAIN, saving precious space on your home screen for the latest Candy Crush Saga app (seriously, how many ways can they remake the same game). With this app, you can shop all the major rental car companies from one app simultaneously. There is no need to download an individual app for every car rental brand. This app will provide information from hundreds of local rental agencies in more than 53,000 locations around the world. Available for Android and iOS.

Used Car Search Pro
Users love this app, reporting it is the best tools to find a used car around. You can search for a used car from more than 4 million listings from 40,000 dealerships and private listings to locate the exact car you want. Are you picky? That’s ok because this app has 59 filters to aid your search ensuring that you will only be reviewing relevant results. The app also calculates the market value of every used car in its system. This way, you have a reference point to easily see if the seller is asking too much for a vehicle. Available for both Android and iOS; visit the sites to read about the numerous, additional features available in this award-winning app.

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