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Disinfect the Inside of your Vehicle without Hurting It

Are you starting your Spring-cleaning annual routine? Do not forget about your vehicle, and not only the exterior of your vehicle, the interior is just as important to cleaning your vehicle. When you are cleaning the exterior of your car you do not just use any old soap do you? The same goes for the interior of the vehicle, using the wrong cleaners can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. Most of us are paying more attention to getting the inside of our cars clean and sanitized than we normally would, below we are going to lay out an in-depth look at the dos and don’ts of automotive interior cleaning and disinfecting.

All vehicles use a wide variety of materials that you come into contact with each trip. Whether it is leather, metallic trim, vinyl, or hard plastics germs can live for days on these materials. While general cleaning the entire interior is highly recommended, below we are going to focus the majority of the attention to areas you come into contact with the most.


If you are like a lot of people and in an all-too-common situation of not having cleaned the interior of your car recently, you definitely want to start this cleaning adventure off by vacuuming and removing large items from the vehicle.


Automotive interiors are compiled with a collection of various fabrics and hard surfaces, while bleach wipes and hand sanitizer would surely kill germs, those also risk damaging many materials inside your vehicle. Using correct car care products specifically made for interiors such as these will help remove any large amounts of dust heavy deposits, this step is not meant to sanitize the surfaces, it will just make it easier for later on when we actually sanitize areas.

Sanitizing all “touch points”/high traffic points

Now that the interior of the car looks “clean” we are done right? Wrong, germs can still be lingering in areas you would not think of. The simplest way to attack germs, is with soap and water, yes soap and water, soaps including dish soap which use mild detergents are a much less stressful cleaning agent on your car’s interior. A microfiber towel will prove more useful than a rag and washcloth in this step as well. “Touch Points” extend beyond the door handles and steering wheel, you touch the radio, glove box, seatbelts, and cupholders, begin at the top with things like the sun visors and all the way down to gas and brake pedals. Do not forget your door panels, arm rests, and the dashboard.

Think of this as an extension of your spring cleaning, though this cleaning should be done more than just annually and during springtime, to contain the spread of harmful germs. While interior cleaning has always been good car-care practice, it is so important now more than ever to keep you and the whole family.

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