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Massachusetts Back to School Update and Safety

Massachusetts, with the backing of teachers unions across the state, is allowing schools to start 10 days later so districts can have more time to prepare for the school year amid the coronavirus pandemic. This also shortens the upcoming school year by 10 days, from 180 to 170 days of school. The agreement also requires that schools start their academic year no later than September 16. The state’s largest teachers union has more demands that they say officials have yet to address, including forgoing the requirements for full in-person learning plans, canceling the state’s primary standardized test and beefing up safety and public health standards. Moreover, the Massachusetts Teacher Association has been pushing for a reopening of schools in a phased manner, the main proposal from the MTA states, “Our Schools cannot go back to the conditions under which they operated before Covid-19 or we will fail our students, families, educators, and communities at the time of their greatest need.” The unions will be negotiating the terms with the department of education up until the day school starts.

Back to School Safety

At-home screenings: Temperatures should be taken, and symptom checks should be conducted at home every day before heading to school! Each school district is instructed to educate families on how to conduct screenings properly and to emphasize that students should stay home if they are not feeling well. The state will create a symptom checklist for districts to distribute.

Masks: Students will be expected to bring masks from home whenever possible, but schools are encouraged to have personal protective equipment on-hand in case there is a need. Masks should be washed by families daily. Parents are asked to encourage their children to wear masks on the bus and arrange alternate transportation whenever possible.

Testing: The state is not recommending that school districts provide testing, so families are being urged to discuss testing with his or her heath care providers.

Vaccines: Parents will be expected to make sure their children are up to date on all standard vaccinations before going back to school, including the flu shot.

Though evidence shows children are less likely to be infected with and transmit the coronavirus to others, according to a medical literature, they frequently spread the flu. The seasonal shot is an extremely high priority when it becomes available. Updated guidelines for school districts and parents are forthcoming in late August and early September.

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