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Rescuing your Vehicle from Rust

Living in the Northeast, you have likely seen vehicles driving around missing almost the entire quarter panels because of rust. What happens if you notice rust on your car, you ask? Rust can be inevitable, especially here Massachusetts. If your vehicle shows signs of rust, you should address it as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading.

Identify the Signs of Rust:

Rust can happen anytime your vehicle’s paint is scratched or dented. Rust can also occur under the vehicle, which can be even more dangerous because it may not be visible unless the vehicle is on a lift. Rust can be detected through an orange or brown appearance around the edges of scratches or dents, which is often only surface rust, if caught in time. More troubling is when a rust bubble appears, which signals deep rust in the metal underneath the paint.

Slowing the Spread:

In many cases, if you cannot get to the shop this season, there are things you can do to fight the rust while you wait to get to the shop. These products are designed to prevent rust from reoccurring. Applying them to rust will create a hard surface that a professional will need to remove. Rust can also have its spread slowed by grinding it off, but this shouldn’t be done unless you are knowledgeable and have worked with rust before. Small, cosmetic spots may be able to be sanded down, but as mentioned, this also means that the issue will need to be addressed quickly lest rust occur again. If you notice rust on your car, it’s a good practice to immediately go to an auto body shop. It’s going to cost less to deal with rust early on than it will later, as later more of the vehicle will be impacted. Only a professional can reliably treat rust, as it requires you to both remove it and repair the finish. For more information about rust treatment and prevention, contact our experts at Shepard’s Automotive Center.

Mistakes when Dealing with Rust:

Sometimes, people mistakenly assume they can cover up rust with touch-up paint to protect the vehicle. But covering the rust may only make it more difficult to monitor the extent of damage. Finally, the most common mistake with rust is to ignore it. When it’s a small spot, it may not feel urgent. But this small spot can rust over, eventually damaging the frame.

Treating the Rust:

If there is rust on your vehicle, it is going to expand, destroying the metal as it spreads. In order to resolve the situation, the rusted material must be removed and replaced with new. Leave this to a professional such as Shepard’s Automotive Center for long-lasting protection of your vehicle asset.

About Shepard’s Automotive Center

David L. Shepard, Inc. was founded in 1978 by its namesake, David L. Shepard. Our commitment to providing exceptional automotive and marine repair service allowed us to grow immensely throughout the first decade. Shepards Automotive Center’s expanding, loyal customer base proved to be too much for our downtown waterfront space. We look forward to providing you with outstanding automotive and marine repair services. Contact us at 978.465.5973 we are open, Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Visit our website here.


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