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Spotlight on the Assured Performance Network

Shepards Automotive Center and Auto Body is part of the Assured Performance Network.  Formed in 2003, the organization has grown to include joint efforts with several OEMs. Through this network, participating OEM recognitions and certifications are managed through a centralized and managed program saving redundancy and extra cost.  Read on to learn more about the Assured Performance Network

About the Network

The primary purpose of the program is to identify and officially certify collision repair providers that possess the tools, equipment, training, and facilities necessary to properly and safely repair vehicles to OEM specifications.  The organization considers and measures the fit, finish, durability, and value of repairs and provides consumers and insurers with a means to locate and connect with Certified Repair Providers.

Comprised of three entities: a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, a legal co-op, and a management company; the Assured Performance Network™ is the largest of its kind in the automotive industry and provides services throughout North America.

  • Business certification
  • Operational improvement
  • Network management
  • Advanced technology-driven tools

Supporting Organizations & Certifications

The following organizations are part of the Assured Performance Network:

KiaCollision App
FCACollision Care
NissanAutoBody Locator
INFINITIFCA Certified Shop
HyundaiNissan Certified Shop
HyundaiINFINITI Certified Shop
Toyota CanadaAdvanced Repair Capable
Enterprise Rent-A-CarHyundai Recognized Shop
Mopar Companion Mobile

Assured Performance Network Requirements

According to I-CAR, less than 20% of all shops are pursuing regular technician training, one of the requirements of the Assured Performance Network.  Following are the requirements necessary to be certified by the Network:

General Business Requirements:

  • Be in business for at least five years
  • Provide proof of Garage Keepers liability insurance
  • Provide a limited lifetime warranty on all work performed

Customer Service Requirements:

  • Measure customer satisfaction through a third-party provider
  • Have a professional and well-maintained customer reception, waiting and restroom area
  • Utilize a preferred rental car provider

General Technical Repair Capability:

  • Meet I-CAR Gold Class® or equivalent with proof of ongoing training
  • Subscribe to current OEM repair procedures and provide documented proof of compliance
  • Utilize a frame rack or dedicated/universal fixture bench with appropriate vehicle anchoring and pulling capabilities
  • Utilize an electronic, three-dimensional vehicle measuring system

Advanced Materials Repair Capabilities:

  • Must have a 220-volt, 3-phase Inverter STRW welder
  • Must have a 220-volt MIG/MAG welder
  • Must have a dent removal/pulling system for steel panels

Aluminum requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Isolated aluminum work area
  • Tools designated for aluminum work only include all specified special tools
  • 220 Pulse MIG welder specifically for use with aluminum
  • Utilize a special SPR rivet gun, as specified by Ford.

What the Assured Performance Network Means for Shepards Automotive Center Customers:

In addition to the vast number of programs that support collision repair providers, the Assured Performance Network provides many benefits for consumers:

  • Official certification and recognition by more than 63% of the OEMs under one program
  • Listing on online shop locators and smart apps with appointment setting. Certified shops are listed on multiple online shop locators with the exclusive ability to set appointments directly with a certified shop. These sites include the following:
  • Electronic Quality Assurance Program (OE-QC) that enables the shop to efficiently document using OEM repair procedures and the adherence to a quality control checklist electronically, including the use of smart devices at the technician level.
  • Manufacturer Collision Consumer Education: consumer education marketing and multi-media videos and commercials that highlight the importance of using OEM parts and a Ford-Certified Collision Repair location.

The pros at Shepard’s Automotive Center value customer relationships and we seek to be your one-stop-shop for mechanical and collision repair.  We invite you to contact us online or call 978-465-5973, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.  Regardless of your repair, we will be happy to work with you to map out a plan that fits your budget and solves your problems.

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