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This is a Perfect Time to Get your Vehicle Worked On

Are you tired of that dent on your front bumper or large paint blemish on your passenger side front door? Well now is the perfect time to get that fixed. Since people are not out as much right now and most businesses are closed it is the perfect time to get an estimate on your damage and get it done. Most repair shops are still open including us at Shepards Automotive Center, and we would love to work with you and get your car back to its original state. Below we are going to layout some examples of things you can expect to be able to get from your local repair shop.

Minor Collisions/repairs

Have you scratched the side of your vehicle, or were you involved in a minor fender bender at the red light?  While these minor dings, dents, scuffs, and scratches will not prevent you from driving, they are most likely going to be an eyesore you might want to get repaired. Repair shops like us here at Shepards Auto Motive Center understand the appearance of your vehicle is as important as its performance and take pride in repairs that help it look just as good as the day you bought the vehicle.

Major Collisions/repairs

Have you been involved in a serious accident that caused major damage to your vehicle’s body, maybe you think your car has no hope of ever returning to the way it was before the accident? Well you are in luck, whether it is a large dent in the hood, fender, or door of your car, the damage can be salvageable turning your major damage into a complete repair. Moreover, twisted frames and broken axles can too be repaired by repair shops like us at Shepards Automotive, we bring will bring your car back to life no matter the damage, looking better than ever.

Painless Dent Repairs

Do you have minor dents, a nagging small door ding, or even small hail damage not requiring you to repaint your car, while wanting to maintain the value of your vehicle? Well you are in luck there is a process of dent removal called paintless dent repair or PDR. This repairs those small dents, door dings, or hail damage by using a small tool that is designed to repair these minor blemishes without disturbing the paint finish.

Automotive Paint

Have you been involved in an accident requiring your vehicle to get a new paint job or even looking to just spice things up a bit when it comes to the current appearance of your current paint finish? Choose the repair shop that recognize how personal the automotive paint and refinishing process is to you and your personal preference. When it comes to Shepards Automotive Center, we provide the best results in automotive paint services using custom color matching and BASF Diamont automotive paint and refinish products.

Though most of your favorite businesses are closed currently, businesses like Shepards Automotive Center are still opened, being deemed as “essential businesses” let us help you during this time and repair those nagging repairs you have been putting off because you have been too busy to get it done. Now is the perfect time to get that done.

About Shepards Automotive Center

David L. Shepard, Inc. was founded in 1978 by its namesake, David L. Shepard. Our commitment to providing exceptional automotive and marine repair service allowed us to grow immensely throughout the first decade. Shepards Automotive Center’s expanding, loyal customer base proved to be too much for our downtown waterfront space. We look forward to providing you with outstanding automotive and marine repair services.

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