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Tips for Hassle Free Fall Season Driving

As Fall begins to roll through, our state continues to open up and with that, more and more people are getting out and hitting the open road for weekend outings and sunny vacations. The summer months are exciting for people at all ages, we have developed a list of tips for a smooth summer ride for everyone.

Get your Vehicle Serviced Before Hitting the Road

Proper maintenance of your vehicle before heading out is key to preventing breakdowns. Whether your car has minor scratches, a dent in the fender, oil change needed, battery change, or even tires rotated, it is important to get those things fixed before hitting the open road. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere headed to your favorite destination is unfortunate but can be avoided if your vehicle is serviced fully before heading out.

Buckle Up

Safety first and obey the law. Make sure that you and all of your passengers are buckled up at all times. Buckling up is the law in all states in United States, without wearing your seatbelt you are putting your own safety at a risk.

Stay Alert

Make regular stops along your road trip for a group stretch, bathroom break, get something to eat, and drink. If you are feeling tired, change drivers and if needed, consider staying overnight in a hotel if you cannot drive alert.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

Never leave a child alone in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down, children’s body temperature can heat up 3-5 times faster than adults and heatstroke can occur in temperatures can occur in temperatures as low as 74 degrees.

Obey the Law and Know your Surroundings

Avoid hassle with authorities by following the rules of the road, especially the speed limit. Some jurisdictions will impound your vehicle for excessive speeding. As well, paying a major fine can put a damper on your family’s vacation.

Moreover, know whether the location has a mask or other personal protective equipment laws, knowing these mandates before traveling can save time and hassle when you arrive.

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