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Tips to make “social distancing” home workouts effective

As most of us are still under “stay at home” orders, we are missing the gym and we understand that a home workout can seem like would be less intense or less effective than a gym-based workout, but that is not true. We are going to offer some tips to make those home workouts as intense and effective as the one’s in the actual gym, which will keep you ready for when you can get back into the gym soon.

  • Put the phone down, your workout is still as serious as it was in the gym. Taking your mind off of your cellphone or mobile device while at home can be difficult we understand, but remaining focus on the workout you are participating in is very important to making the workout effective.
  • Mix up low-impact workouts and high-impact workouts, just because we are not moving as much as we normally would, does not mean every session has to be 1000 miles an hour and at high intensity. Taking a day off for rest or having days of just stretching or foam rolling is effective too. Giving your body that time to rest and recover is very important.
  • Try to keep the same schedule that gets you up and moving at the same time each day when working out, especially if you are working from home. Just like when you are on your normal routine, you get up and do things at the same time each day of the week, this is also effective while on this stay at home order, letting your body and metal clock get on a schedule is effective for your mental health and workout effectiveness.
  • Space, Space, Space, and Space. Before you start, make sure you have enough space to do your workout, for the most effectiveness possible, making sure you do not have to modify your workout because of space is important. If you do not have enough space in your bedroom, use the living room or garage, if it is not raining or cold outside, using your driveway would be effective, it would give you the opportunity to get fresh air as well.
  • Hydrate and Eat well, maintaining your hydration and nutrition is very important. In order for your workout to be effective your body must work like an engine and all the components of that engine must be in good shape. Being at home it is very easy to slack off in hydration and nutrition, try to keep from grabbing that soda and candy bar, instead reach for that water and don’t forget your vegetables, while staying away from sugars and friend food, which can be hard when you are staying home.

Following these tips will ensure that your workout at home will be effective for you body and your mind. Without the motivation to get up and workout, especially at home can be difficult. But if you follow these steps you will surely have the motivation to get up daily and continue your workout journey!

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