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Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Auto Body Damage?

Imagine you are out getting groceries and in your scramble to get everything in your car, you end up putting a minor dent in your fender. It does not seem noticeable, so you wonder if you should even bother with a body repair. Have you found yourself in a similar situation? It may be true that a repair might be so minor it is barely noticeable. But it may not a great idea to put off getting it fixed, especially if there is hidden damage to mechanical systems beneath the cosmetic outer panels.

The team here at Shepard’s Automotive understands the time you expect to be without your vehicle can be difficult to carve out in the middle of a busy day, especially if the dent is barely noticeable. That is why we work with drivers to help them get through minor repairs as quickly as possible so they do not have to risk minor problems more serious when they are ignore.

It is fairly common for car owners to postpone getting things such as minor dents, door dings, and small scratches fixed in a timely manner.

So why do we procrastinate on repairs, anyway? Well, procrastination is human. Between juggling family, work, and life, the thought of putting everything on the back burner to repair a minor ding or scratch might seem like you are going out of your way. Most minor repairs can be accomplished in a very short time frame without much of a financial burden.

There are many times when putting off minor auto body repair is not a good idea. Some of those repairs include:

  • Scratches in paint: Your paint is a protectant for your car against rust. Repairing a scratch early can prevent the metal underneath from damage over time. It can also keep the scratch from worsening over time.
  • Headlight or Taillight Damage: Do you have tail light damage or headlight damage? If so, you are required by law to repair it immediately. Putting off this repair could lead to much more than a ticket. It can be dangerous to drive with a broken or missing headlight/tail light and puts you and other drivers at risk of an accident.
  • Bad Alignment: Hitting a curb or hitting anything that knocks your vehicle’s alignment off can lead to severe problems if not repaired in a timely manner. It is easy to cope by turning the steering wheel slightly in most cases, but it’s only going to get worse over time, and the misalignment can wear down tires very fast.

Any damage to your car can lower the value and reliability of your car. If you are worried about spending time without a car, Shepard’s Automotive Center offers rental car assistance while your vehicle undergoes necessary auto collision repair service. Our state-of-the-art collision repair center utilizes Enterprise Rent-A-Car® and Hertz Rental services to get you back on the road quickly.

Call Shepard’s Automotive Center if you are avoiding bringing your car in for a minor scratch or dent, give us a call. We will work with you to help minimize the inconvenience from key hand-off to final inspection. Connect with our collision repair team by calling 978.465.5973.

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