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Despite the make or model or age of your vehicle, routine maintenance is inevitable to ensure the optimal safety and condition of your automobile. The professional automotive technicians at Shepards Automotive Center stand ready to assist you with all of your routine maintenance needs.

Don’t skip routine cooling system maintenance. In doing so you put your vehicle at greater risk of overheating and costly engine trouble down the road. Our highly-trained technicians will provide you with all of your routine cooling system needs.

Cooling services include:

  • Draining old, contaminated coolant/water mixture and replacing it
  • A thorough check of your thermostat to ensure accurate operation
  • System analysis by inspecting all coolant hoses and other items to identify potential issues that may arise.

If you’re unsure how often your vehicle should undergo routine cooling system maintenance, refer to you owner’s manual or contact Shepards Automotive Center today!

Cooling System
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