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Frame and wheel alignment

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Frame Damage
A common myth regarding car accidents is that unibody frame damage always results in the car being a total loss, this is simply not true anymore. Unibody construction means that the frame and the body of the car are one. That means that if there is damage to the body, usually there will also be damage to the frame. In fact, in most cases, our skilled auto body technicians can handle extensive frame damage.

If your car has suffered from an accident, don’t despair. Let our expert auto body technicians get your vehicle back to its original factory specifications after an accident. As long as the cost to repair your car is less than it is worth, your insurance company will make the decision to pay to repair it.

Wheel Alignments
Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. Wheel Alignment is completely dependent on the frame and structure of the vehicle being dimensionally correct. When your vehicle is completed it will be test-driven to ensure proper alignment. Wheels out of alignment will contribute to uneven tire wear. Uneven tread wear can be felt in a vehicle pulling to the right or left while in motion. Left untreated, wheel alignment issues have the potential to turn into steering and suspension issues, since driving with wheels out of alignment not only puts stress on your tires but also on suspension components. If your vehicle begins pulling to the right or left while driving, or if you feel a vibration in the steering wheel at higher speeds, contact us today for a wheel alignment service.

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Frame and Tire Alignment Services
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